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The original Randazzo’s Bakery started in Violet, Louisiana after Hurricane Betsy hit the New Orleans area in 1965.  After the hurricane, it was hard for the people in St. Bernard Parish to obtain food staples such as bread and milk as the bakeries in New Orleans were going to be shut down for a couple of weeks.  Since the St. Bernard Parish area was hard hit but had electricity, it was decided by the Randazzo Family to do something to supply their family and friends with bread.  The Randazzo Family had originally owned a “family” bar/restaurant where they would throw parties at Christmas time and New Years, but that year was the end of the parties being thrown at the Camillia Club on St. Bernard Highway.  The Randazzo Family opened a bakery and that started 50 years of the Randazzo name becoming famous for their baked goods as well as their king cakes.  

Now, 50 years later, the third generation of the Randazzo family, Kenny and Nicholas Caywood is making their appearance on the bakery scene.  They, together with their mom, Susan Randazzo (who worked beside her dad, Manuel Randazzo, since she was 13 years old) and their father, Kenneth Caywood (who got involved in the bakery two weeks after he got married to Susan due to Manuel Randazzo having a heart attack and the “new” son in law stepped in to help and learn the business).  Actually, Kenny and Nicholas could say they have been in and known the bakery business before they were born, as their mom would still work in the bakery on week-ends helping out the family while she was pregnant.

Kenny and Nicholas, together with their parents, are striving to bring the best baked goods and king cakes back to St. Bernard Parish and surrounding areas which their grandfather did all those years ago.  With the recipes from their grandfather Manuel, he would come into the bakery and oversee his grandsons.