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Our king cakes are made from scratch with the freshest ingredients and are made every day with cinnamon incorporated inside of a hand braided dough with different colored sugar sprinkled on top. It is then baked to a golden brown and once cooled, our special recipe for our icing is placed on top with different colored sprinkles. The color of the sugar and sprinkles depends on the season. For example, for Christmas, the colors are red and green and for Mardi Gras, it is purple, green and gold. We make our king cakes in shapes for Valentine’s Day in the shape of a heart; shapes of letters and/or numbers, and for Christmas our king cakes can be shaped into a tree, wreath or candy cane. We can do special ordered king cakes for your favorite football team or even in the shape of a fleur de lis with black and gold sugar and sprinkles for the New Orleans Saints.