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Q:   When shipping a king cake, does the price listed include shipping charges?

Yes, when ordering a king cake with us, there are no hidden fees.  The prices listed include overnight delivery, as well as our complimentary packages.

Q:  Even though the king cakes are guaranteed for overnight delivery, can they be guaranteed delivery by a certain time of the day?

We ship FedEx, which guarantees delivery for the following day, but does not guarantee a specific time frame.  If timing is of concern, or you would like to guarantee your king cake for an early morning event, we would recommend placing your order to arrive the day before.  This will not impact taste or freshness.  Also, please note, that if you live in a FedEx specified rural area, next day air delivery cannot be guaranteed.  Please check with your nearest FedEx shipping center for details before placing your order.

Q: I have multiple orders that I'd like to ship to one location. Do I have to enter each order individually?

Yes. Each order has to be entered individually. Another option would be to call the shop and have the shipping department take your order and enter them in for you.

Q:  Why is there a residential charge and Saturday delivery charge?

The residential charge and Saturday delivery charge are charged by FedEx and not by us.  

Q:  Can I send to an apartment address or post office box?

You can send to an apartment address but be certain you list the apartment number/letter on your address.  It is up to the discretion of the FedEx driver whether to leave the king cake at your door.  FedEx does not deliver to post office box addresses.

Q:  What is your food allergy notice?

All our king cakes may contain or be in contact with milk, wheat, soy beans, peanuts and tree nuts such as pecans.