CakeTraditionalMedium Traditional King Cake

Size: 12” x 16” oval shaped
Serves: 20-25, 2” slices
Units in box: 1


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Our traditional king cake consists of freshly made dough, hand-braided with cinnamon and sugar, and baked to perfection. Topped with our signature homemade icing and garnished with Mardi Gras themed sprinkles. Last but not least, a small Mardi Gras plastic baby is secretly tucked inside the king cake…just waiting for someone to find it! A taste of New Orleans shipped directly to your door!

**Please Note: Our king cakes are adorned with festive sprinkles pertaining to various holidays and celebrations!

~Our Halloween king cakes are decorated in black & orange sprinkles. They are a perfect compliment to any Halloween party and make a “Spooktacular” treat!

~During the month of November, our king cakes are decorated in our Fall themed sprinkles, which consists of brown, green, gold, and orange colors. This will make a wonderful addition when putting together your meal for the Thanksgiving holiday!

~During the month of December, our king cakes are decorated in our Holiday themed sprinkles, which consist of green and red sprinkles. This is definitely a treat to get you ready for a very, merry Holiday!


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